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Mechanical Cabaret logo 2017

21/12/17: Next live show 27/01/18 at Nervous Energy mechanical cabaret live 2018

21/12/17: Drones EP, out now on BANDCAMP

mechanical cabaret drones ep

14/11/17: Live in Tokyo new album, out now on BANDCAMP

23/08/17: Everything Is Energy single released

Mechanical Cabaret Everything


04/08/17: Interesting Times single released

Mechanical Cabaret Interesting Times

26/05/17: Black Mirror single released


05/05/2017: 304 Holloway Road OUT NOW ON BANDCAMP

Mechanical Cabaret 304 Holloway Road single


As of 2017, all our music is now available to hear & download from Bandcamp, including our most recent album Ortonesque...

Ortonesque Mechanical Cabaret













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